Common Good Film Festival

Common Good Film Festival

Case Study | Common Good Film Festival

Assignment : Rebranded with a Mascot

For 15 years The Whitehead International Film Festival in Claremont has been celebrating the wisdom of Alfred North Whitehead through films that focus on the Common Good. This year we changed the name to Common Good Film Festival and brought the spirit of its founder to life with a beloved mascot, Owlfred. Campaign included Logo & Messaging, Website topper and site Reskin, Social Media Campaign, Memes, Online Banners, Key Art Design, Printed Collateral: Poster, Postcard, Banners, Magazine Ads.

Common Good Film Festival Owlfred Mark

Obstacle : A Famous Name No One Knows

Today no one knows who mathematician turned physicist turned philosopher Whitehead is. The name sounds strange and... well, icky. The festival needed a new name, and a fresh look – one that kept the Whitehead spirit but would attract more and younger audiences.

Solution : Go With Good...

We started with a name change: The Common Good International Film Festival. And created an appealing character. We kept Whitehead in the picture with a cute, wise owl mascot – “Owlfred” – who could deliver Whiteheads words of wisdom with a little panache. We used memes to make philosophy and social media fun. Posters and a Postcards both starring Owlfred delivered all the pertinent info about “10 Films that Renew Your Faith in the Common Good.” And to top it all off we “Re-Skinned” the existing website, creating a new banner, color scheme, and starring role for Owlfred.

Common Good Film Festival Postcard Front
Common Good Film Festival Postcard Back
Common Good Film Festival Meme 1
Common Good Film Festival Meme 1
Common Good Film Festival Meme 2

A Good Thing Got Even Better!