Worksite Wellness LA

Worksite Wellness LA

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Challenge: Cleaning Up the Jumble

Healthcare can be a challenge for anyone. Throw in a language barrier, cultural differences, and/or economic hardship—now it's a nightmare.

Worksite Wellness LA is an organization dedicated to educating low and moderate income workers of Los Angeles County and their families on the importance of healthy living and helping them navigate the jumble that is health care coverage enrollment.

Clear Messaging, informative short films, friendly photographs.

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    Meant to be a kind of introduction to the organization, the first video we produced for Worksite Wellness LA gives the world a quick overview of who they are and what they do. Why tell someone about what you do when you can show them?
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    WWLA's services can be broken down into two major categories. The first is Healthcare Education.
  • Often times there's a disconnect with health education and lower and moderate income families. This video helps illustrate how easy taking steps toward healthier living can be.
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    The second video about the services they provide deals with a majority of their business. They described the challenges of choosing and enrolling in healthcare for their customers and we immediately thought of it as navigating a maze—twists and turns at every corner, an a heck of a lot of work to get to where you want to be.

A brand new website.

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    The last major release for the Worksite Wellness LA website needed some help. Although it provided the basics about their company, it was lacking a lot of modern functionality and a friendliness that has become a part of modern web design.
  • We've given their website a complete overhaul, carrying over some required and expected information but rewriting, reworking, and revitalizing the language, the imagery, and the way the information is delivered. By reworking the user experience and adding more dynamic content, their site is more effective and tells their story while explaining what it is they do.

One of the greatest challenges to any organization operating in the healthcare industry today is the ever-changing regulations, support, or lack there of. An organization like Worksite Wellness LA has to be agile enough to keep up with those changes and continue helping their clients.

Creating a website that can ebb and flow with their ever-changing needs was an important aspect of this build.

Result: An updated online presence and better way to explain the services they provide.