• Data Driven Design Has Never Been So Sexy

    Annual Reporting, Graphic Design, Photography, Storytelling, Trademark & Brand ID, Website Development & Design

    The 1903 stakeholder innovation finally comes to the 21st Century as DIGITAL ANNUAL REPORTING. You give us your data, photos and testimonials and our writers and designers will tell your story in an unforgettable and dynamic website. Tables and charts come to life with responsive infographics. Streaming films and video clips of any length. Contact us for a fun demonstration.

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  • Another Banner Holiday Season

    Graphic Design • Outdoor Signage, Messaging, Photography, Trademark & Brand ID

    Good Citizen Media created this unique City of South Pasadena-centric banner campaign for holidays that both brightens Mission Street and Fair Oaks Blvd. and brands the town as eclectic, artistic and one of a kind.

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  • Worksite Wellness LA Gif

    WWLA, Navigating the Healthcare Jumble

    Copywriting, Film Production, New Website Design & Development, Photography

    Not too long ago we helped Worksite Wellness LA improve their online presence with a trio of videos geared at explaining their services and who they are and by totally revamping their website, top to bottom. Now, with a more streamlined internet presence, they can expand the brilliant work they do helping low to moderate income L.A. County laborers and their families find and keep the healthcare services they need to live happier healthier lives. Read the full case study.

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  • Good Citizen Produces Enlightening Podcast


    Coming soon from University of the West and produced by Good Citizen Media Group, Journey UWest, a podcast about the three institutional values that make the school what it is: Character, Community, and Compassion.

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  • UWest Launches Bold Website with Good Citizen’s Creative Rebrand

    Filmmaking, Language, New Website Design & Development, Photography

    ***For Immediate Release*** ROSEMEAD, CA, July 17 - Good Citizen Media Group, South Pasadena’s Brand Storytelling Agency that serves the Not-About-Profit sector, was selected by Southern California’s University of the West to refresh the brand and create a new website. The rebrand expresses UWest’s whole-person Buddhist inspired academic foundation while attracting an international student-body that extends to at least 40 countries. "Good Citizen’s ability to tune-in to our organization creatively is indeed impressive. They perfectly capture and clearly express the essence of UWest and portray it in stunning images and written words" said Dr. Stephen Morgan, president of UWest.  UWest is WSCA accredited offering...

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  • Whose Broad Stripes


    (OUT OF MY HEAD By Bill Burnett - June 22, 2017)   We’re coming up on Independence Day again and that of course means the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air, our flag being still there. Last year my family and I didn’t go to any particular fireworks display and instead went to a BBQ down near the beach.  That had us driving home to the east side just as all the fireworks in all the towns, barrios, sections and unincorporated communities of Los Angeles were going into their big show-stopping, ear blasting finales. It was quite something to behold. We...

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  • How to Survive 45

    How To Survive 45


    Anyone who has lived through wars, assassinations, riots and recessions knows that this too shall pass. But meanwhile you’ve got to tell the world your story as effectively as you can. Make sure you’re one of the survivors.

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